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Group Workshops
Subscription Service


My approach to accents combines physical work with the physiological and linguistic components of an accent; it can be applied to any accent or dialect you may wish to perfect, including RP, General American, or an accent that is specific to your particular casting.

£45/hr (must purchase four sessions in advance to be used within a month, M-Th, 9:00-6:00)                       £65/for one off or evening/weekend sessions

DIALECT,Language and accent coaching

Personal dialect coaching for a specific job:

Theatre:         £50/hr or 5 sessions for £200          
Film, TV, VO: £150/hr or 5 sessions for £500  

Packages negotiable for long-term projects.


An annual subscription to this service provides unlimited access to accent help for auditions. This includes a recording of your lines by me and - where possible - a native speaker of the accent; tips for specific adjustments to make in your accent; critiques of your attempts via recording; phonetic material that may be useful; and suggestions of appropriate examples to emulate. Only available for auditions consisting of up eight pages of normal dialogue in screenplay format. For more in-depth auditions such as final recalls or screen tests consisting of more than eight pages of dialogue, premium service subscribers can book a video session to go over the material for a discounted rate of £30/hr.

£100/year standard service for occasional users £300/year standard service for high volume users
£400/year premium service for occasional users £550/year premium service for high volume users


In our first session, I will assess your accent and discuss your goals. I will then design a program that incorporates in-person sessions and 5-, 10-, or 15-minute exercises to complete daily, with the possibility of practice by telephone.


WORKSHOPS FOR: LANGUAGE TEACHERS and students, actors, and acting STUDENTS

Workshops are designed for participants to learn my approach and methodology for improving their pronunciation skills and putting the techniques to practical use. The methods I teach are routed in acting techniques that help actors accurately portray different characters, but no acting ability or interest is required.

I also do "acting in the accent" monologue workshops for actors to work on a text in their accent of choice. 

Price on request