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Ever audition in an accent that takes you a lot of time and effort to prepare, on top of your regular preparation? Wish you an accent expert could just record the lines for you and tell you what you need to know?

This service is for actors who want accent help for auditions, whether occasionally or regularly, but don't want to pay for hour-long lessons for a mere audition.

The service is a subscription service whereby you pay a yearly fee (see below) in order to receive unlimited access to help for auditions.  This will include a recording of your lines by me and a native speaker of the accent, where possible; tips for specific adjustments to make in your accent; critiques of your attempts at the accent via recording; phonetic material that may be useful for you; suggestions of appropriate examples to emulate. The turn around time is generally 48 hours, but 24 hour requests can sometimes be processed.

I offer a premium service that gives you access to me by phone, and requests for assistance with less than 24 hours notice can be accommodated, sometimes immediately.  I will also handle job-related emergencies that are similar in size to an audition. For example, if you are on set and suddenly asked to say lines in a language you don't speak or an accent you're unfamiliar with, you can call me.


If you subscribe and do not manage to use the service once in an entire year (which has never happened), the subscription fee will be refunded or rolled over to the following year, whichever you prefer. If you only use the service once or twice, I will refund a portion of the subscription fee so that the payment will be the equivalent to one or two sessions with me, respectively.


£100/year standard service for occasional users                   £200/year standard service for high volume users
£250/year premium service for occasional users               £500/year premium service for high volume users


This service can be provided on an individual basis or in a classroom setting.  I give lessons at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and am available to give classes at any drama school. My approach to teaching accents combines physical work with the physiological and linguistic components of an accent; it can be applied to any accent or dialect you may wish to perfect, including RP and General American. 

Alternatively, if you are an actor who is frequently asked to audition with the same accent based on your physical appearance,  mastering that accent can increase the likelihood of your being cast.  One-on-one, I can teach you the foreign accent(s) you need to increase your opportunities for work.


Various workshops, ranging from four hours to two-days in length, which are participation-driven and heavily interactive help language teachers and students learn my approach and methodology when it comes to improving pronunciation for language work.  Similarly, workshops on dialects and accents can help actors and acting students refine that aspect of their craft.  The methods are heavily routed in acting techniques that help actors accurately portray different characters.  You do not need to have the personality of an actor or any interest in acting - it is not about "acting out scenes." Once understood, these methods can be brought into language classrooms to enrich the students' ability to speak and can offer an innovative classroom experience to complement a traditional, academic approach.