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My Accent Guy’s unique coaching style has been very effective for our students.
— Annemette V., Head of Voice, Guildhall School of Music & Drama

My Accent Guy has a fantastic ear for dialect and language, and showed me exactly which sounds I needed to alter and how to produce them. His methods are extremely actor-friendly - he can quickly find the sounds which are not working and show you how to fix them without diminishing your connection to the character. Most recently he helped me with my General American accent for an audition, and not only did the American casting director say my accent was flawless, but...I GOT THE PART!
— Theo B., Actor, London

My Accent Guy’s premium service saved the day for me on set. I was filming for the BBC and suddenly got my sides for the next day and they were in Arabic! I had no idea how to pronounce them, and I didn’t have access to a dialect coach on set until the following day when we were scheduled to shoot. I messaged My Accent Guy and immediately got a response with a recording of the lines, pronunciation tips, and even a correction of one of the lines which was apparently wrong. The director was well impressed when I came in knowing the lines perfectly.
— Tom G., Actor, London

The subscription service went above and beyond all my expectations. It felt as if everything was dropped to help me, and when you are under time pressure for an audition, quick and detailed responses are worth their weight in gold. What’s more is it’s personalised to you - your script, your needs.
Truly fantastic, would use again and again.
— Emma N., Actress, London

I initially met My Accent Guy when I was prepping for a production of The Clean House, and trying to properly learn a Portuguese accent. It was almost impossible to find a teacher in NYC that could coach an English speaker on the correct Portuguese dialect. My Accent Guy made it easy to understand the sounds and cadence of the accent. We worked together for several one-to-one sessions and he gave me the confidence I needed to show up for rehearsal and be able to concentrate on the process first, and the dialect second. He is such a kind and generous coach and truly is a life saver. I returned to My Accent Guy for several other accents, including a German accent for Venus In Fur, a performance which garnered a nomination and win of a Broadway World Award, which I largely attribute to My Accent Guy’s help!
— Deanna M., Actress, N.Y.

I am frequently asked to audition in foreign accents for roles in film, television and theatre, and My Accent Guy’s help has been invaluable. He responds swiftly with several recordings of the lines varying the thickness of the accents and can help me prepare a foreign accent in either American or British English, depending on the production. So far My Accent Guy has helped me prepare Serbian, Russian, American, French and Italian accents, and my agent has been very pleased with the tapes and quite impressed with the range of accents I can now pull-off. Highly recommended.
— Whoopie V., Actress, London

The audition prep service for dialects, accents and pronunciation has been invaluable. More and more auditions ask for actors to be able to access dialects and accents besides their own, and I’ve always found My Accent Guy’s insight very specific and incredibly helpful.
— Emma P., Actress, London

I had a few sessions to help me with a French accent for a Restoration play. The way My Accent Guy taught it was extremely useful, thinking about the Laban efforts and how each accent has its own specific rhythm. Also did not realize how important the resting position is for an accent. Such helpful sessions really made me more confident in the little time we had, and the progression I made was great.
— Tegen S., Acting Student, Guildhall School of Music & Drama

I am extremely grateful for the help My Accent Guy gave me with my RP and Glaswegian accents. He quickly identified the sounds I was struggling with and worked with me to improve them. He also provided helpful instruction as to how to continue this work in my own time. Furthermore I really enjoyed a group session he led in which we explored the sounds of a Lichfield accent and played around with different vocal qualities, furthering my character development.
— Rozzie N., Acting Student, Guildhall School of Music & Drama

My Accent Guy helped me fine tune my RP accent in a one to one dialect session. He picked up on minute details that I had overlooked and worked through them with me. He combines his technical knowledge with a sense of the voice that relates to imagery and imagination, which really helps you to find the sound you are looking for.
— Finlay S., Acting Student, Guildhall School of Music & Drama