Coaching for dialects of English, foreign accents, and foreign languages

Are you a professional looking to improve your English pronunciation to advance your career? Perhaps you're an actor who is frequently asked to perform in various English dialects or foreign accents for roles in film, television and theatre.  Whatever your need to fine tune the way you pronounce English or to expand your versatility, I can help you.

I have worked with dozens of actors, students, teachers, and business people to help them improve their English speaking ability in whatever accent is relevant for them.  My approach is rooted in the same techniques that trained actors use to perfect an accent that is not their own. My method does not rely on linguistic rules, phonetic symbols, and written language, and those elements will only be used if they will help you. 

I offer in-person sessions, Skype or Facetime sessions, and help via WhatsApp recordings, depending on your goals and the service you will need to accomplish them.